Greenwai was conceived by a group of engineers, technicians and electricians with a passion to provide systems that put energy efficiency back into the hands of the user.

In the summer of 2019 our founder purchased an electric smart fortwo. Since then he has traveled 5000km at a cost of 60 dollars in electricity. The Smart is always plugged in while its in the driveway, but the intelligent charger is set to charge overnight when the price of electricity is at its lowest. The Smart has become a simple appliance like a lawnmower or toaster, when its needed its available. There is no need to check when gas stations are open, change the oil, replace the brakes, spark plugs, pretty much anything other than tires and wipers, and its always good to go.

Our goal at Greenwai is to make it easy for people to own and operate an Electric Vehicle. Installing a Greenwai intelligent charging system in your home allows you and your family to maximize your driving experience and minimize your carbon foot print.


Most folks think we own the earth, in truth we borrow it from our children.  I like to leave things better than i found them, can we say that about our world?  

Live EV Charging System

Greenwai’s Electric Vehicle Charger

Greenwai’s service monitoring Node

Using our intelligent EVSE you have complete control of your driving experience.

The SPEED of charge. Some chargers claim they charge your ev faster than any others. The reality is that level I and II chargers are located in the EV. Greenwai’s intelligent charging system uses AI logic to charge your EV at the most energy efficient and battery friendly rate. The faster you charge your EV the more waste heat is produced, wasting energy. The faster you charge your EV the faster your battery ages. But charge too slow and your EV is not ready when you need it. Greenwai’s intelligent charging system makes sure your EV is fully charged when you need it at the minimum cost and battery wear.

Greenwai’s Power Wall – coming soon

Using our power wall your electric vehicle can be charged anytime while you pay minimum rates for utility electricity, and optionally charge your car using solar panels or wind generators.

Public infrastructure

Several folks have suggested to me that the existing public electrical infrastructure will need massive upgrades to support everyone owning an EV, raising the cost of electricity. If we all use an intelligent charging system this is actually the opposite. The current residential infrastructure is built to the handle peak period, typically 5 to 7 pm. Most of us are cooking diner , washing dishes, cleaning clothes and generally using electricity. Charging your EV the greenwai uses the electrical system overnight when most of us are asleep. If every home had an EV charging at night the per unit cost of electricity would drop as the infrastructure costs remain the same. Of course the price is set by the local government and may or may not change.


Grow a tree

Two years ago, like a gardener pulling out a weed, a tornado pulled out my 50 foot pine tree. Its replacement, a 4 foot blue spruce, grew 8 inches last year, about the length of my hand. At this rate it will take 70 years to replace my lost pine. Apparently, trees produce 30 percent …

Passerby question

Today I was stopped by a neighbor while i plugged in my car. They asked “Why I had such a small car?” My reply was simple, “I ussually drive alone so two seats is twice as much as I need.”