Times they are a changin…

Feeling the munchies I headed to my favorite guilty pleasure, McDonald’s. Lowering my window to order I noticed that the normal sound of idling engines, and the aroma of sulfur was completely absent. In line there were four cars, my electric smart, two Tesla’s and an ION IQ, All four cars are electric. It was like stepping back to a time when silence and fresh air were common. I guess there is hope for our planet, the times they are a changin….

Grow a tree

Two years ago, like a gardener pulling out a weed, a tornado pulled out my 50 foot pine tree. Its replacement, a 4 foot blue spruce, grew 8 inches last year, about the length of my hand. At this rate it will take 70 years to replace my lost pine. Apparently, trees produce 30 percent of the oxygen we breath, the plankton on the oceans surface produces the rest so its a good thing we aren’t cutting down all the trees and polluting the oceans. Of course one day soon we may all wake up with a head-ache due to lack of oxygen, and i don’t think I can hold my breath long enough to grow a tree.

Passerby question

Today I was stopped by a neighbor while i plugged in my car. They asked “Why I had such a small car?” My reply was simple, “I ussually drive alone so two seats is twice as much as I need.”